4th District Reps. Schmidt and Christian issue joint statement against Gov. Inslee’s proposed delay of Spokane’s North-South freeway

Fourth District State Representatives Suzanne Schmidt and Leonard Christian issued the following joint statement today in opposition to Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget proposal that would once again significantly delay construction of Spokane’s North-South freeway project:

“The climate-focused governor should recognize that delaying the Spokane North-South freeway project will mean continued higher vehicle emissions from stop-and-go traffic, longer commutes, slower economic growth, and continued pothole-filled roads for Spokane-area residents. This decision is misguided and reflects a continued pattern of neglecting the needs of communities outside the Puget Sound region.  

“Thankfully, it’s the Legislature, not the governor, that holds the power of the purse. We will work with our House and Senate colleagues, in both parties, to restore funding for this critical, decades-long project, and ensure that it’s back on schedule.”

The Spokane Valley Republicans join their House colleague, State Rep. Mike Volz, R-Spokane, in addition to a growing, bipartisan coalition of private and public sector community leaders who are publicly supporting the restoration of funding for the freeway project.

The governor’s proposal would delay completion of the project by at least 6 years, from 2027-2029 to 2033-2035.

For more information about the North-South freeway project, click here.

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